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Do you want to save money? Do you want your vehicles to run optimally? Do you want to have to visit the repair shop less frequently? If you said yes to those questions, then it is time to upgrade to the highest quality fluids and filters on the market.

If you're not sure what fluids and filters will work on your vehicle, this is the place to start - the Application Guide (Click here).

Plainly speaking, we all want what is best for our vehicles. Not only do they get us from Point A to Point B, but they also transport our families and they offer us the freedom of driving simply for the pleasure of driving. A simple way to protect the investment is with high quality fluids and filters. Many fluid and filter manufacturers claim to be 'great' or 'the best out there!' But, how many of those back up those claims with clinical studies and scientific fact - and post those findings? AMSOil does. As an example, here is a document concerning the automatic transmission fluid (Click here).

Many people use a particular fluid or filter because they have for a long time, watched an automotive show, saw an ad with a race car or an attractive model - none of which are based upon scientific findings. Your vehicle is scientific at its core. So, why give it something based upon targetted marketing?

Everyone wants to reduce maintenance, breakdowns and cost. And it would be great if you could help improve your fuel economy too. With AMSOil products, you will do just that - lower your maintenance, have fewer breakdowns, improve your fuel economy and spend less money!

So, now a bit of information on the oil filters (Click here). On that graph you see that the AMSOil oil filter is more efficient at collecting all the bad stuff that gets in your oil. Some will discount this because some of the other factory filters are very close - this is true, but do they last for 15,000 miles? No, but the AMSOil filter does.

So, now that you have a bit more info, will you decide to make the change to save yourself time, money, effort and improve the overall health of your vehicle? If the answer is yes, start here with the Application Guide if you are not certain what your vehicle uses (Click here).

And, if you have come this far down the page, it is clear that you are interested in AMSOil products, but also want to save more money at the same time - how about an average of 25% off retail price on most items? If this sounds appealing, then there is a program for you - become a Preferred Customer. Is there a cost involved to become a Preferred Customer? Yes - $10 for 6 months or $20 for 12 months. There is no minimum or maximum to how much you can purchase.

If you want to start the process towards becoming a Preferred Customer and starting saving now, then click this link (Click here).

If you want to bypass the Preferred Customed and begin re-selling AMSOil for yourself and still get the same great discount (Click here).

If you are a shop and want to re-sell AMSOil products, this is for you (Click here).

If you own your own company and want to use AMSOil products in your company vehicles, this is for you (Click here).

And, just for the heck of it, here is a link to The History of Engine Oil (Click here).

And now! Here are some links to help demonstrate the quality of AMSOil products.

Air Filter Quality - And why it matters. (Click here)

A Taxi cab company that did the full switch. (Click here)

To any that is concerned that switching to AMSOil products would void their vehicle Warranty, this is for you. (Click here)

This video helps to demonstrate the importance of bearing grease. (Click here)

This is demonstrate the difference between 'off the shelf' oil and AMSOil at -15 Degrees. (Click here)

And this article helps to demonstrate the importance of diesel fuel quality. (Click here)

If you think that your daily drive is a grueling test, you should see what Las Vegas taxi cabs go through. (Click here)