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Why a Synthetic Oil Change is the Best Option

Why Choose a Synthetic Oil Change?
One of the most important components of all vehicle maintenance are the oil changes. Yes, it may seem simple enough to just take your car to get the oil changed at a local lube shop every 3,000 or 5,000 miles but there is really more to it than that. Just getting an oil change in time is not enough, knowing what kind of oil goes in your engine is important. That is why today at Power Sports Oil we want to talk about the different types of motor oils and why a synthetic oil change is the best option.

The Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Other Motor Oil Types
Conventional Motor Oil- This is the most common and usually the cheapest type of motor oil on the market. It is petroleum based and therefore its composition is more unstable and less resistant. It does not provide the best protection when faced with extreme temperatures or very harsh driving conditions. At first glance the price for conventional motor oils may seem like a good deal but when you truly compare its qualities and properties you will realize that it is not such a wise purchase. That is because it does not last as long as full synthetic oil and easily looses its beneficial elements, in the long run you end up having to purchase conventional motor oil more often and constantly spending money and time in more frequent oil changes.

Synthetic Blend- This type of motor oil is somewhat better than conventional motor oil but does not reach the full potential or complete benefits that full synthetic oil provides. Synthetic oil blends tend to have more resistance against extreme temperatures such as the heat but cannot provide the complete security or total resilience to the cold and other severe conditions. Basically synthetic oil blends are a moderate improvement from conventional oil but not worth the price when you can get the complete benefits of full synthetic oil for an insignificant difference in the cost.

Full Synthetic- This is the best type of motor oil and offers the most ideal conditions for the engine. It allows the motor to work at its best and improve horsepower and durability. The strong and stable chemical composition of full synthetic oil allows it to always provide the most efficient and constant protection regardless of the driving conditions or temperature. From scorching heat to freezing cold, full synthetic oil is able to continuously lubricate the engine parts, and keep it free of harm from the dangerous effects of friction. Get all the benefits of synthetic oil and find the right full synthetic oil for your vehicle in our online catalog. Full synthetic oil is truly the best investment when it comes to engine oil.
Synthetic Oil Change in San Leandro, CA
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