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Make a Better Environmental Choice Get a Synthetic Oil Change in San Leandro, CA

Earth Day; a Good Time to Make More Environmental Friendly Choices and Start Using Synthetic Oil

April is a good month to start making more environmentally friendly choices, in all areas of our lives, starting with the one constant factor that most of us use on a daily basis, our car.  April 22 is Earth day, and although most of us will probably not be able to trade in our vehicle for a solar powered car, at least not yet, we can all resolve to make better and wiser choices. Using synthetic oil is a choice that helps reduce the harm placed on the enviornment. Today, we want to discuss why synthetic oil is a more enviornmentally friendly option than conventional oil.

Where the Motor Oil Comes From Affects the Environment

There are several factors that make synthetic oil a more responsible option for the environment. Let´s start with how different motor oil types are made. Conventional motor oil originates directly from crude petroleum drilled from the ground. The process, machinery and entire operation for extracting the materials to create conventional motor oil are much more dangerous and harmful to the enviornment. Synthetic oil blend motor oils are also not very reliable, as they pretty much contain a high percent of conventional motor oil which was derivied with the same methods and machinery that are corrupting the Earth´s natural resources.

Synthetic Oil is Laboratory Created Reducing Harmful Environmental Drilling

Synthetic oil contains mainly laboratory created and manufactured components that have been proven to be more effective and therefore do not use up as many valuable natural resources as other motor oil types. There are many reasons to use synthetic oil as it provides many advantages not only for the environment but also for your vehicle, check out our top ten reasons to use synthetic oil. Amsoil full synthetic oil offers an efficient alternative to conventional motor oil that not only enhances the performance of your engine but also helps prevent further environmental damage. Contact us today, to learn more about how you can save money while helping the planet, with Amsoil.

Fewer Oil Changes Equals Less Waste

The fact that synthetic oil is man made and most of its ingredients are manufactured, also means it can last much longer without sacrificing protection and lubrication. The difference in how long a synthetic oil lasts compared to conventional oil also makes a great impact on the environment. Most conventional oil changes take place about every 3,500 to 5,000 miles this means that in year some persons change their oil up to five times. If you take into account that there are more than 2.5 million cars in the United States and that a significant percent of those cares are still using conventional oil, that is a very large amount of oil being disposed of. If most of us started using synthetic oil the amount of oil being disposed of would easily be reduced by more than half. Synthetic oil lasts much longer between oil changes and Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic Oil can even last 25,000 miles without needing to be changed. Not only does that save you time and money but it is saving the environment from a lot of oil waste. Learn more about how you can save time and money with a synthetic oil change, here.

Synthetic Oil Improves Engine Performance, Reduces Evaporation By-Products and Increases Fuel Efficiency

The prolonged duration of synthetic oil not only helps reduce oil waste but it also means a sturdier more efficient oil that can improve the performance of the engine. The strong composition of synthetic oil also allows it to remain intact for longer and not vaporize into the air as much as conventional oil and other types. This is also an additional way that synthetic oil provides a better enviornmental care. Not to mention that it´s superior lubricational properties also assist in reducing fuel consumption, and we are all well aware of how reduced gasoline use can help the enviornment and our pockets. 

Reduce the Frequency of Oil Changes, Get a Synthetic Oil Change in San Leandro, CA

Reduce the frequency of your oil changes, get a synthetic oil change the next time your car needs the oil replaced and save the earth while caring for your engine. At Power Sports Oil, we have just what your vehicle needs for better performance and what the environment requires for reduced waste. Call us today at (510) 351-8500 and purchase the best synthetic oil, Amsoil.

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