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Motorcycle oil changes. Why oil checks and changes are necessary for your bike. Bike engine lubrication. Factors that affect lubrication.

The Importance of Motorcycle Lubrication

You already know that the oil in your engine is what protects it from friction and wear but it also carries out other smaller functions like maintaining the engine cool and keeping corrosion away. The engine lubricant helps your motorcycle motor perform efficiently and it prevents wear from reducing its durability. That is why the motor oil you use can impact the performance of your bike and make a big difference in the durability of the engine. The following information can help you understand the importance of choosing quality lubrication and replacing the oil in a timely manner.

Choosing Quality Lubrication for Your Bike Will Enhance Its Performance

Synthetic oil is the best choice of lubricant for your motorcycle. Its faster-acting protection properties, durable molecular stability, and horsepower enhancing qualities safeguard your bike´s engine.  You should always select the right oil grade and type of lubricant for your bike, based on the manufacturer´s recommendations. Buying motor oil that meets the specific needs of your bike will ensure that the engine is receiving the protective care it needs. For example, some motorcycles such as the Harley Davidson V-Twin bike, has an air-cooled engine that can sometimes reach very elevated temperatures. AMSOIL´s  20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil is ideal for use in some of this bikes that require that concentrated lubrication power. They even carry a full V-Twin Oil Change Kit that has just what you need to complete an AMSOIL oil change on the majority of 1999-2016 Harley-Davidson bikes. If you are looking for the right motor oil for your motorcycle, contact Tom Santell AMSOIL Certified Dealer directly.

Motorcycle Oil Changes Are Very Important

It isn´t enough to just use quality oil. Motor oil´s properties wear out over time and even though synthetic oil is longer lasting it still needs to be eventually replaced. Oil changes ensure that the motor oil remains in good conditions. It is necessary that you replace the oil on a regular basis based on the use, and driving conditions, and type of engine oil that you use. With regular motor oil, a change is required around every 3,000 miles. If you use synthetic oil then you can go around 5,000 miles before it needs to be replaced, but check your owner´s manual for more specific information on how often you need to change the oil on your bike. For help on how to change the oil in your motorcycle, read this post that will walk you through the step-by-step process.

Why Your Motorcycle Oil Needs to be Replaced Regularly

  • Oil breakdown. This is one of the reasons why oil in your bike needs to be regularly replaced. Over time, and with use the oil starts wearing out and the properties that once protected your engine will now start to decrease in efficiency. Heat plays a big role in this. With constant increasing temperatures in the combustion process, it becomes harder for the oil to maintain its protective benefits.
  • Oil contamination. The oil in your engine can also become contaminated by different elements. Debris is one of the main contaminants that can affect the oil and it makes its way into the oil through the air filter. Metal shavings can also end up in the oil as a result of the metal to metal contact in the engine. Lastly, the combustion process can also increase the acidity levels of the oil, which can lead to internal corrosion.

Even If You Recently Change the Oil in Your Motorcycle It Is Still a Good Idea to Check It Regularly

Not only do you need to change the oil but you also need to check it, preferably before every ride or at least once a week. The problem isn´t just the condition of the oil but also the levels. Heat not only affects the properties of your lubricant, it also reduces volume and causes the oil levels to reduce. With synthetic oil, this is not as big of a problem but there is still a small volatility percentage but it doesn´t hurt to still check it. In fact, regular oil tends to have a volatility percent of around 20 while synthetic oils stay under 10%.

Everything You Need to Know to Obtain the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Oakland

If you still have doubts and questions regarding your motorcycle´s oil change, contact Tom Santell AMSOIL T1 Certified Dealer. He will be more than happy to help you select the best lubricant for your synthetic oil change.  Call him today at 1-800-927-0109.

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