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The Crucial Contribution of the Oil Filter

The inside of your engine is a busy place that is always in movement and constantly exposed to all kinds of dangers. The engine oil is supposed to care and protect it against most of these problematic occurrences but it cannot do it alone. There are several components in the lubrication system that all play an important role in helping the engine stay protected and well lubricated. The oil filter is one of those very important pieces but it doesn´t always get the attention it deserves. That is why today we want to focus a little more on this crucial piece of the oil system and share just how important it is.

All the Oil System Works Towards Efficient Engine Lubrication

Lubrication is indispensable to the engine as it is what prevents wear, excessive heat buildup, The oil system has several parts that it relies on in order to properly provide the engine with the lubrication it needs. Several components such as the oil pan, the oil pump, the oil filter and the spurt holes and galleries all have their own role in making sure the oil is readily available, picked up, cleaned out and distributed to the right spots.

The Function of the Oil Filter in the Lubrication System

The oil filter´s most important function is to try and trap all the impurities, dirt and debris, sludge particles and any other contaminant that the oil may be carring. It needs to remove as much of this from the oil as possible so the oil can lubricate effectively. After the oil passes through the oil filter it then goes to the spurt holes and galleries where it drips down to evenly coat the engine parts.

Why Is It Important for the Motor Oil to Pass Through the Oil Filter?

It is extremely vital that as much dirt and gunk be removed from the oil before it starts to lubricate the engine parts. If the oil running through and coating the engine parts is dirty it will be counter productive. Dirty oil can lead to sludge build up and collaborates in a premature decay of the parts. As the oil circulates inside the engine, it picks up different contaminants and carries them out and about when it coats the pieces. This can quickly start wearing the engine pieces out because the metal shavings and other hard particles that it carries may end up scraping the engine pieces or accumulating in areas around them. The quality of the engine´s lubrication is not only based on the quality of the motor oil but also in that of the filter. It is imperative that you replace the oil filter in a timely manner and with the right product. AMSOIL offers the best quality products for your engine´s lubrication requirements. Contact Power Sport Oil a510-351-8500 for more information.

The Structure of the Oil Filter

On the outside the oil filter looks just like a normal can but it actually contains different sections and parts that allow it to get its job done. The structure of the oil filter allows it to be well placed and to not let the oil out until it has been filtered. There is a base plate at the bottom of the oil filter and in it is the base gasket. The gasket is what allows the oil filter to stay properly secured and it is the tube in the central hole that threads the oil filter into the engine. In the base plate there are a few small openings through which the oil gets pushed into the internal part of the filter. There there is a fine filtering material that takes care of retaining all the impurities as the oil rushes through it and into the central hole attachment that leads directly back into the engine.

How Often Should You Change the Oil Filter?

You need to regularly change the oil and the oil filter. The oil filter can only work for so long before it becomes full and the junk it traps becomes too much. It is necessary to change the oil filter during every oil change to prevent the filtering material from wearing out and to avoid an overload of gunk in it.

Change the Oil Filter When You Get a Synthetic Oil Change in San Leandro

Even if you use the most efficient motor oil it won´t be enough if you do not change your oil filter. In time, the filter´s efficiency will decrease and it will deteriorate the oil which can then lead to engine damage. Ensure your engine stays safe by using quality AMSOIL products in every synthetic oil change. Contact Power Sport Oil at 510-351-8500 today.

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