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The Importance of Choosing the Right Synthetic Oil

Looking at a motor oil label may be confusing, even more so when standing at a lube shop looking at several different brands, types, and grades all lined up waiting for you to select one. Even if you know what oil grade your engine needs, it can still become a hassle to know what type of oil to put in your vehicle. That is why today at Power Sports Oil we want to talk about the importance of choosing the perfect synthetic oil for your vehicle.

Keep in Mind the Use of Your Vehicle When Choosing Motor Oil

Not all engines are the same and not all vehicles are used for the same purpose.  When deciding what motor oil to put in your engine you need to consider both the type of engine and the use it gets. Each manufacturer has specific recommendations for each engine. Although almost all newer vehicles require synthetic oil, almost all engines can benefit from synthetic oil. No other type of motor oil offers as much protection as AMSOIL full synthetic oil. AMSOIL carries a variety of fully synthetic motor oils to match the specific needs of your vehicle and the requirements of your engine. Search through our AMSOIL online store or contact us now. 

Different Motor Oil Types and Categories

There are three main categories of oil: conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic. To learn more about them, read our post where we discussed the differences and explained why synthetic oil is the best option. However, there is more to synthetic oil, there are actually different kinds of full synthetic oil.  For example, there is full synthetic oil for diesel engines, full synthetic oil for European motors, and even full synthetic racing oil. It is important to follow your manufacturer´s motor oil recommendations, but it is wise to also consider the type of use that your vehicle gets. Doing so can help you truly select the best category and the right kind oil for your engine.

The Use You Give to Your Vehicle Determines the Engine´s Needs

Even if you have two cars each with identical engines but use them for different purposes, they might not both benefit from the same oil. A vehicle that is used mostly for short trips to the grocery store, to the nearby park, school, and other quick drives will face much more acid buildup than one that is used for road trips and longer drives on the freeway. When the fuel is utilized and it burns off it generates water mist among other byproducts. The exhaust allows most of the water vapor to be externally released but part of it end up in the crankcase. After the engine cools, that accumulated moisture condenses and becomes water, which then comes in contact with other lingering chemicals that are inside the engine and create a dangerous acid that can ruin your engine.

Protect the Engine From Acid Buildup With the Right Synthetic Oil

Now, a car or vehicle that is constantly running short trips and not being driven for very long requires a motor oil that can help it cope with the acid build up and protect the engine against it. There are specific synthetic oils designed with a higher TBN (total base number) for the needs of these vehicles. When a vehicle is driven for longer periods, the oil heats up enough to be able to evaporate almost all of the moisture and therefore reduces its build up. Therefore, vehicles that are in costant use for longer drives do not require as much protection against this but may require higher level protection against sludge or wear. That is why it is important to keep in mind the use that your vehicle is given as you consider your synthetic oil options.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil Helps Reduce Sludge and Removes Soot

Newer engines also have the ability to use longer lasting synthetic oil such as AMSOIL´s Signature Series synthetic oil, which can go up to 25,000 miles before requiring a change. Engines that have faced problems with sludge and other soot accumulations will benefit from this type of oil as it helps remove deposits and keeps the pistons clean and at peak performance. It improves the horsepower of the engine and allows oil changes to be prolonged without losing lubrication properties.

The Best Motor Oil for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Oakland

AMSOIL has what your vehicle requires no matter what kind of driving needs your engine faces. Experience the benefits of synthetic oil today and let Power Sports Oil help you select the perfect synthetic oil for your engine. Call (510) 351-8500 now to get started.

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