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The Reasons Behind Summer Fuel Prices and How Synthetic Oil Can Help You Save

Fuel prices seem to increase every summer and this is not just a casualty. Although no one likes to pay more for gasoline there is actually a very interesting reason behind the summer price increments on fuel. Today, we want to share some important information on why summer gasoline is different and we´ll also provide a few tips that can help you save on fuel this season.  

Taking Action Against the Increment of Pollution During the Summer

Gasoline burn off creates a very damaging effect on our environment. It releases byproducts and gasses that are toxic and harmful to our health and the atmosphere. Heat intensifies the negative interaction between fuel and the atmosphere because it causes a greater amount of emissions. Due to the heat, the increase in pollution during the summer can be very intense. In hopes of reducing the levels of smog and pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started the Reformulated Gasoline Program in the 90s.

Why Summer Fuel is Different

The Reformulated Gasoline Program urged for a better fuel that was more adapted to the summer conditions. This started a switch in the fuel supply so that during the summer only a more adapted fuel would be sold. This means that during the year, the fuel industry provides two types of fuels but only one at a time. Starting around June 1st and until mid-September, only summer-grade is sold. The rest of the year winter-grade fuel is provided.

Special Ingredients in Summer Fuel Increase Production Costs

The first reason that summer fuel is more expensive is because of the special ingredients that it contains. There are additives and other oxygenates that are blended into the fuel so that it can burn cleaner. These ingredients increase the cost of production but this alone does not greatly increase the cost. It is actually the whole process of switching from one fuel to another that has the greatest impact on production costs and hands down the increase to the consumers.

2 Other Factors That Influence the Fuel Price in the Summer

  • The halt in production in order to process it. There needs to be maintenance and some changes done in order to begin the conversion and production of the summer fuel. Refineries need to close down for a brief period in order to get these changes done and start processing that type of fuel.
  • The slight decrease in fuel supply. Due to the short halt in production,  there is a decrease in fuel supply which also leads to a price increment. If you also factor in, that summer driving season is a bit more intense due to road trips, vacations, etc. the supply reduction becomes more notable. Both the demand and lower supply along with all the other previous factors contribute to a higher fuel price in the summer.

Tips to Save on Gasoline During the Summer

  • Use synthetic oil.  Full synthetic oil does a lot for your engine and it can also improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. For detail information on how synthetic oil increases fuel economy, read this post. Getting a synthetic oil change this summer will not only help you spend less on gasoline, it will also help protect your engine against the heat and other dangerous summer conditions. Contact us now, or check out our AMSOIL online store for the best products.
  • Drive less. Summer days are perfect for trading your vehicle for a bike or taking a walk instead of driving. If your destination is not far you´re better off leaving the car. This not only reduces pollution, and improves your health but it can also be beneficial for your car. Constantly making very short trips with your vehicle can damage your car, and increase the risk of buildup in your engine. This happens because very short drives don´t allow the oil and gasoline to fully and efficiently circulate throughout the engine.
  • Don´t carry more than you need. Extra junk in your trunk can create a heavier load that will make your vehicle waste more gasoline. Take a close look at the items you carry in your car and remove any excess items that you may have forgotten to unload from your vehicle.

Summer Fuel Savings With the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Castro Valley

 Start saving with a synthetic oil change and enjoy your drives this summer without a worry. Get in touch with Power Sports Oil at (510) 351-8500 to purchase everything you need to keep your engine working well.

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