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How a Synthetic Oil Change Can Save You Money on Gasoline

With gas prices going up so often and becoming an added burden for car owners, saving money on gasoline is a necessity. We have talked about the lubrication system before, and how it plays such an important role in keeping your vehicle running and your engine safe. However, great lubrication does more than provide friction protection, it can also assist in improving the fuel efficiency of the engine. That is why today at Power Sports Oil we want to further discuss the relation between friction and fuel efficiency and how a synthetic oil change can play an important part in saving you money when it comes to gasoline.

The Lubrication System Helps Combat All Negative Effects of Friction

Although friction is a common problem that the engine regularly has to fight against, it has a special mechanism designed specifically for this purpose. That mechanism is called the lubrication system, and along with synthetic oil it works to provide lubrication to the engine and combat the negative side effects of friction. Now, the effects of friction go beyond wearing and tearing and damaging the engine parts and the engine itself.

Another Effect of Friction is Higher Gasoline Loss

Besides harming your engine and putting your vehicle in danger, friction can also cause other problems such as contention. Contention is the fighting opposition between the engine pieces as they try to move past one another while friction is present, and there is a lack of proper lubrication. That contention or resistance, leads to a strong struggle to slide past each other that requires further effort from the engine. Since the engine has to exert an even greater effort it also needs more energy, and this means that it will in turn use up more gasoline to get the job done.

Proper Lubrication Helps Improve Fuel Efficiency

Now that the relation between friction and fuel efficiency has been cleared up, it is important to mention how to fight off friction problems. The best way to reduce and even eliminate most of those nasty, threatening effects of friction is to have complete and effective lubrication. Full synthetic oil is the best way to make sure that lubrication is constantly and effectively present in the engine. The better the motor oil the better the lubrication and friction protection, that is why we recommend full synthetic oil.

Eliminate Friction Problems With Amsoil Full Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil can adequately cover the engine parts that need lubrication with a substantial film of sleek and silky buffer that will allow them to continue in motion without scratching each other as they move. Get rid of friction problems and start protecting your engine in the most efficient manner, with Amsoil full synthetic oil. You can find all Amsoil products at our online store, or contact us instantly with any questions, at Power Sports Oil we want to make sure you are fully satisfied with our products and offer only top quality items.

Stop Wasting Gasoline and Get Engine Friction Under Control With Synthetic Oil

Due to the fact that synthetic oil can properly offer full lubrication and complete coverage against may of the side effects of friction, it can also assist in improving the engine´s ability to waste less gasoline. The majority of engines are not very efficient fuel consumers, a very low portion of the fuel or gasoline they consume goes directly into allowing the vehicle to be driven places. In other words, out of all the gasoline you add to your car it is only about a mere twenty percent that is truly used to create the potential to move the wheels and take your vehicle places. That leaves us with about eighty percent that needs accounting for. Well around  70 % goes into fueling other accessory tasks and secondary mechanisms such as the alternator, water pump, the radiator, etc. However, a hefty 10% usually ends up being wasted in friction losses, idle losses and drivetrain losses, out of which the highest part of these losses is friction.

Benefit From the Best Synthetic Oil Change in San Leandro

Reducing engine friction makes a significant difference in the fuel economy of your vehicle. Create a powerful protection investment for your vehicle, and save yourself money with a synthetic oil change. For greater and better results make sure to use Amsoil full synthetic oil. Do not miss the opportunity to prolong the durability of your engine and stretch your gasoline mileage. Call us now at (510) 351-8500 and benefit from incredible savings, today.

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