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How to Avoid Engine Buildup and Sludge With a Synthetic Oil Change in Hayward

We previously mentioned how important it is to make sure your engine is well protected against factors such as heat and friction. Yet, there are also other elements that can get in the way of how well the motor oil is able to lubricate and how long your engine lasts. Engine buildup is another of those common and harmful factors that should be avoided and dealt with immediately. Today we want to focus on this problem to further discuss how sludge and other types of buildup can put your engine in danger and why synthetic oil changes are so effective when facing these type of problems.

Synthetic Oil Helps Prevent Sludge and Buildup in Your Engine

Engine buildup is any type of residue that collects inside the engine and once it becomes abundant it can cause serious complications. One common type of buildup is sludge. Sludge forms out of motor oil that is no longer in an optimal state. If the oil has run-down its protective properties it will also lose its viscosity. The intolerance to extreme temperatures and conditions then causes it to turn into either a sticky gel-like substance or a dark and burnt substance that tends to solidify. Sludge can then completely block certain areas and clog passages that are vital for lubrication. This can begin to cause all sorts of issues for the engine.

What Causes Sludge Buildup?

The presence of contaminants, the conditions the oil is in, and the type of oil you use, all play a part in how likely it is that sludge forms. Dirt, drops of water, and other particles can get into the oil and contaminate it facilitating the formation of sludge. How often you change the oil is also a huge factor. If you do not change the oil as necessary it will become overused and worn out and easily form sludge. Yet, the most important factor to consider is the type of motor oil you use. Conventional motor oil is much more likely to create sludge because it deteriorates more easily, and needs to be changed more often. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is actually formulated to prevent the formation of sludge. AMSOIL synthetic oil is the ideal solution to not only prevent but also to remove any buildup in the engine. Contact us now and get a synthetic oil change for the utmost protection.

Some Engines are More Prone to Sludge

Even the model of the engine itself can cause sludge to become more predominant. Several consumer complaints have shown that certain types of engines tend to be more prone to sludge buildup. To learn more about what engines fall under this category and more information on this, visit the Consume Reports web page, here.

Other Types of Buildup That can Affect Your Engine and How to Avoid it

  • Fuel debris. Driving your vehicle with very little gasoline also affects the engine and creates buildup. At the bottom of the fuel tank, debris and soot settle and gather up. As the fuel levels become very low you force the engine to dig deep into the bottom of the fuel and suction out the gasoline along with the debris and soot that is lifted. Over time the debris can also clog certain areas of the engine and make it less efficient.
  • Other particles. Dirt, moisture, and grease can all get mixed and create filth that also gathers inside the hood. This type of gunk can also place the engine in danger by causing more sensitive parts to deteriorate. Accumulated dirt can eventually harm the hoses, seals, and wires that are inside the hood. This is why it is also important to keep this area clean. The best way to do this is to occasionally clean the inside of the hood with a rag and wipe off the dirt and gunk. If the inside is far too dirty it is best to take it to a professional cleaning service that can properly clean that area without harming any components. Washing the inside of the hood with water may seem like a good option if it is very filthy but this is not such a great idea. The wires and other electrical pieces may not be very tolerant of water and it is best to not find out.

Synthetic Oil Changes in Hayward Will Help Maintain Your Engine in Good Shape

Taking care of your engine requires some work but synthetic oil can help simplify the maintenance care of your vehicle and improve the durability of your engine. Contact Power Sports Oil today at (510) 351-8500 and use AMSOIL products for greater protection and sludge prevention.  

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