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How to Make Your Vehicle Waste Less and Run Better With Synthetic Oil

Gasoline may be the most constant fluid that our vehicles require but motor oil is the second and along with other products that our vehicles require these products not only help or affect our engine but they also take a toll on the Planet. We can all start making better consumer choices as an important step into a better cleaner Earth, without the need to sacrifice quality and performance. Synthetic oil changes are a perfect example of how one improved choice can render better results in the environment your savings and your vehicle.

Make Responsible Choices When it Comes to Your Motor Oil

Different studies and extensive research has demonstrated that  transportation has by far, become the number one factor of pollution. Unfortunately, it is not likely that the majority of the population will  decide to take a bike to work or walk miles and miles to reach every destination, but there are smarter choices that can be made in order to reduce the contamination caused by our vehicles. In the United States, more studies have proven that the top contaminant of our waterways is used motor oil irresponsibly discarded. Making better choices when it comes to both the type of motor oil that is used and how it is disposed of is of great importance.

Synthetic Oil; A Better Overall Choice for Your Engine and the Environment

There are three main factors that affect how much or how little a pollution source will affect the environment the first is how it is made, the second is use and the third is the disposal of it. These main three factors mark the lifecycle of a product and can help determine what products are a better environmental option. In general, synthetic oil beats conventional oil in these three areas and provides better advantages. There is no doubt that full synthetic oil such as Amsoil is truly the best option for your vehicle and a less harmful factor for the environment. Contact us now or visit our Amsoil online store for a complete list of our incredible engine maintenance products.

3 Factors to Consider in Regards to Whether Conventional or Synthetic Oil Is Better for the Environment

  1. How it is made. Conventional motor oil is made out of the crude petroleum drilled from the ground and is then refined and slightly altered so that it can be used in your car. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will offer all the benefits and protection your car needs. It does provide lubrication but not a complete coverage in harsh or difficult conditions such as extreme temperatures. It also means that due to its more natural components it wears out sooner and its lubricating properties deteriorate much faster than synthetic oil. The more laboratory composed structure of synthetic oil allows it to provide full protection all the time in any conditions and allows it to last much longer.
  2. Use.  The complete and unrivaled results that full synthetic oil has in your engine performance also results in less breakdown and reduced soot residue that can make an engine dirtier and more likely to contaminate. Also, because conventional oil deteriorates faster and needs oil changes more frequently it produces a greater bulk of waste. Synthetic oil helps cut down the amount of waste because it does not require constant changes and can last up to 10 times longer than conventional oil, preventing many plastic oil bottles and used oil from piling up in the wrong places.
  3. Disposal. How the oil is disposed of is a very serious concern. Regardless of whether you use conventional or synthetic motor oil, once it has served its duty it needs to be discarded correctly.  Recycling it is the best option, it can be done with both regular and synthetic oil. An easy way to do this is to find a hazardous waste disposal center that recycles used motor oil. There is usually one in every city so search for the disposal center closest to you.

Reduce Oil Change Frequency and Help the Environment With a Synthetic Oil Change in Hayward

Amsoil has been the leading brand in synthetic oil innovation and is constantly in search for better more environmentally conscious ways to integrate better results and more earth friendly options into its products. That is why at Power Sports Oil, we carry Amsoil and only the most top-notch products for all your engine maintenance needs. Call (510) 351-8500 today and

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