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Protective Care From a Synthetic Oil Change

Your vehicle is powered by the engine and the engine needs several fluids besides gasoline to properly function. Motor oil is one of those essential fluids that keep it working well. At Power Sports Oil we know that an engine that uses synthetic oil is better protected and performs much better than one that uses conventional oil. For that reason we want to further discuss the protective advantage that a synthetic oil change can provide.

Synthetic Oil Offers Better Protection Against All Factors

When it comes to lasting and durable motor oil that can offer the best protection for an extended amount of time, no motor oil compares to synthetic oil. Other motor oils become weary and start loosing its protective abilities much sooner than synthetic oil, they also lack the resistance to be able to withstand harsh driving conditions, extreme weather and other important factors. To find out more about the differences between conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic oil, read our previous post titled: Why a Synthetic Oil Change is the Best Option in Castro Valley

Synthetic Oil Has a Precise and Stable Molecular Structure

The reason why synthetic oil can offer so many benefits and constant protection is due to its molecular structure. While the structure of conventional motor oils and those made with petroleum based material have a molecular structure that is more diverse and varied, the molecular structure of synthetic oil is more precise and uniform. Contact us now on (510) 351-8500 and find out how you can start seeing protective advantages and performance enhancements in your engine.

Synthetic Oil Molecules Are Like a Bionic Army of Clones

One way to look at this is by comparing the molecules that make up motor oils to army soldiers. The molecules, or ¨soldiers¨ of conventional motor oil would look like a regular army, made up of soldiers that each have their own characteristics, unique abilities and distinct aspect. The molecules or ¨soldiers¨ of synthetic oil would resemble that of a bionic army of clones, each with identical traits and enriched powerful abilities that were laboratory formulated and multiplied. The synthetic oil molecules are more synthetic, resilient and resistant as they combat the different threats that your engine can face.

Sludge Build up Can Negatively Affect Your Engine

One of those factor that synthetic oil combats is sludge buildup inside the engine. Sludge is residue that accumulates and creates gunky deposits in different areas of the engine. Sludge build up can be very dangerous to the engine if it continues to increment and attach itself to important engine pieces. This can cause the engine parts to not work adequately or create a blockage of fluids to the correct spots, leading to major engine damage.

Synthetic Oil Efficiently Removes Sludge

Conventional motor oil is not very good at removing sludge. In fact because it can easily breakdown when facing extreme heat, it can also leave behind residue of the decomposed oil adding up to the sludge stuck inside the engine. Engines that have always used conventional oil have a greater amount of sludge build up, needing maintenance more frequently or they may experience constant damages. Synthetic oil on the other hand not only produces little to non residue but it is also amazing at removing and keeping the engine free of sludge and other gunk.

The Oil Filter Assists Synthetic Oil in Eliminating Gunk Inside the Engine

Synthetic oil flows through the engine parts while picking up any dirt particles and detaching sludge that may be forming. It then carries it and as it passes through the oil filter the sludge and other residues it may have picked up along the way are caught by the oil filter. The oil filter is able to trap a lot of the gunk that needs to be eliminated but after a while it may become clogged with so much residue that it needs to be taken out and replaced or at the very least cleaned. Removing and replacing the oil filter on time is also an important part of maintenance that goes along with oil changes. For your convenience you can select the engine maintenance products you need in our Amsoil online store, where we have a large selection of the best quality items from full synthetic oil to air and oil filters.

The Right Product for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Hayward

Equip your engine with the right product and start using Amsoil synthetic oil. Get a synthetic oil change today, and let your engine benefit from complete protection against friction, sludge, and many other factors. Call (510) 351-8500 now.

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