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Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks and Tips That You Must Complete

Motorcycles are the ideal vehicles for moving around quickly and efficiently and they tend to be incredibly reliable. Yet, they also require constant maintenance and regular inspections. Keeping your motorcycle on the road and reliable is not hard but it is important that you take care of a few necessary maintenance assignments. The following are some of the things you can do to ensure that your bike stays in tip top shape.

Check the Owner´s Manual for Specific Maintenance Cares That Your Bike Model Requires

Before performing any maintenance work on your bike, it is necessary that you read the owner´s manual and verify just what your motorcycle requires and how often you need to check or change it. Your motorcycle is a hardworking machine but it needs attention and each area of your bike requires special care. In order to make sure that you properly care for each part and aspect of your motorcycle, you need to be acquainted with the different parts and pieces. Your owner´s manual will not only guide you through the different sections of your bike and what they need but it will also provide you with a better idea of the products and specific care that your particular model of bike requires. That said, there are a few general maintenance tasks that all motorcycles require.

Engine Lubrication is Vital for Your Motorcycle

The engine in your motorcycle works extremely hard to get your entire bike functioning efficiently. The different parts and pieces that are inside it are constantly in movement and that generates heat and friction. That is why your bike motor requires lubrication and protection. The motor oil you use on your bike must be able to protect the engine from the wear of friction, the rising heat and the possible contaminants that make their way inside. Synthetic oils offer the highest level of coverage against these and other factors, it also lasts longer than other motor oils but it is still necessary to replace it. It is vital that you regularly check the oil in your bike and that you change it around every 3,000 miles. For information on how to change the oil in your motorcycle, read the following post.

Inspect the Brakes in Your Bike

The brakes of your motorcycle not only help you ride efficiently, they also keep you safe. Checking them is a crucial task that you shouldn´t ignore. Inspect the brake fluid. It isn´t necessary to change brake fluid as often as motor oil but it does absorb moisture over time and loses effectiveness so it does need to be replaced eventually. Also, stay alert to any leaks and drips as losing brake fluid can harm the brake system and make it inefficient. Also, check the brake pads to avoid damage from excessive wear. Using quality products such as AMSOIL brake fluid ensures better durability and higher performance. At Power Sports Oil you can find all the best products for motorcycle maintenance and lubrication. Contact them right now.

Make Sure That the Tires Are in Good Conditions and Properly Inflated

The tires of your motorcycle also play an essential function and make all the difference in your rides. Allowing your tires to wear out can be dangerous and expensive. If the tread depth of your tires reaches 1-2mm, you need to change them as soon as possible. It is also important that you keep your tires properly inflated. Not doing so can lead the tires to generate a lot of heat and cause a blowout.

Check That the Battery Is in Good State

Without the electric power, your motorcycle is not likely to work. Battery failure is a very common cause for bike breakdowns. The best way to prevent it is to inspect that there are no fluid leaks and that you keep it well charged. It may be difficult to reach the battery but it is still important to check it. Always avoid letting tap water reach it because the minerals in it will harm the battery.  Some signs that your battery needs to be recharged are if the start starts to sound weak or if the lights become dimmer. Also, recharge the battery after it has not been used for two weeks or more.

Synthetic Oil Change in Hayward for Your Motorcycle

If you properly care for your motorcycle it will last a long time and you will be able to keep it performing at its best. Remember to use quality products and get a synthetic oil change today. For the best products for your motorcycle contact Power Sports Oil now at (510) 351-8500.

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