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How Synthetic Oil Can Help Prevent the Negative Effects of Heat in Your Engine

The beginning of the summer is the perfect time to get a synthetic oil change and prevent engine problems. Just changing the oil may not be enough. You need to make sure that quality synthetic oil is running inside your motor. We previously discussed the different types of motor oils and explained why synthetic oil is always the best option for your vehicle. However, today at Power Sports Oil, we want to focus on the heat protection needs of your engine.

How the Heat Affects Your Engine

Both the summer temperatures and friction cause higher levels of heat inside your engine. The heat affects the engine both directly and indirectly. When the temperature inside the engine increases, the engine is at risk of overheating. Sometimes the high temperatures are not enough to cause overheating but they do  affect the fluids inside the engine. The heat tends to reduce the fluids in the engine and the levels drop more easily in the hot weather.

How the Fluids Inside the Engine are Affected by the Heat

Many of the fluids such as gasoline and motor oil can also have other negative impacts when facing the heat. For example, gasoline tends to release toxic byproducts when confronted with intensely high temperatures. Motor oil also has an evaporation loss that causes repercussions in our atmosphere. The volatility of the motor oil depends greatly on the type of motor oil you use. Regular motor oil tends to have an evaporation loss of about 20% while synthetic oils usually have below 10% in evaporation loss. To learn more about how to choose a better motor oil for your engine and the enviornment, read this post.

Synthetic Oil Protects Better Against Friction and Heat

Although all motor oils are suppose to have some cooling properties, conventional motor oils become less productive when facing high temperatures. When conventional motor oil experiences high temperatures the heat begins to impairs its lubrication ability and causes its properties to decay. The opposite is true for synthetic oil. AMSOIL synthetic oil continues to offer top lubrication and total protection even during heated conditions. This can make all the difference in a hot summer day when your engine is working hard to fight off friction and heat. Your engine needs the best protection it can get and AMSOIL offers only the best. Contact us now or go to our online store to find everything you need for the summer care of your engine.

Coolant Is Another Important Fluid That Needs to Be Checked On

We already mentioned how important motor oil is but coolant also plays a major role in protecting your engine against heat. In fact, the sole purpose of the coolant and cooling system is to keep temperatures at a safe range. When an engine starts to overheat the first thing to check is the coolant. Reduced levels of coolant can make it difficult to cool down the engine because there needs to be enough of this fluid to complete the cycle as many times as necessary. The coolant should also be in good state. If it is watered down it may not be able to withstand higher temperatures. The right proportion of water to coolant should be used, but it in most cases it is best to use antifreeze instead of water. Antifreeze has better anti-corrosion properties and will improve the coolant´s ability to withstand heat.

If Overheating Occurs Often Do Not Wait to Get Professional Help

A recurring need to add more coolant can indicate a leak. In the event that there is enough coolant and the engine continues to overheat it is imperative that the engine is taken to a mechanic so the problem can be properly handled. Small problems such as a faulty fan, worn out hose or a problem in the water pump can prevent the coolant from getting where it needs to. It is important to deal with these smaller problems before they cause greater harm in the engine and lead to a more catastrophic engine failure.

This Summer Experience the Synthetic Oil Change Befits in San Leandro

Never risk your engine. Be sure to check the oil and coolant more often in this hot season. Also, make sure that your engine is shielded against the potential risks of friction and heat with a synthetic oil change. This summer, leave your engine in the hands of the surpassing  protection of AMSOIL. Call Power Sports Oil at (510) 351-8500.  

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