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Motorcycle oil changes. Why oil checks and changes are necessary for your bike. Bike engine lubrication. Factors that affect lubrication.

The Importance of Motorcycle Lubrication

You already know that the oil in your engine is what protects it from friction and wear but it also carries out other...

Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks and Tips That You Must Complete

Motorcycles are the ideal vehicles for moving around quickly and efficiently and they tend to be incredibly reliable. Yet, they also require constant maintenance and regular inspections. Keeping your motorcycle on the road and reliable...

The Differences Between Two-Stroke Dirt Bikes and Four-Stroke

In a previous post we mentioned the different types of motorcycle classifications that you will commonly find. One of the several classifications we mentioned was off-road motorcycles. Off-road bikes are also known as dirt bikes. They...

The Crucial Contribution of the Oil Filter

The inside of your engine is a busy place that is always in movement and constantly exposed to all kinds of dangers. The engine oil is supposed to care and protect it against most of these problematic occurrences but it cannot do it alone. There are...

The Many Uses and Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are great forms of transportation, but they aren´t just for that. They can also be used for a fun adventurous weekend or for more formal sports competitions. There are many types of motorcycles and each can be specialized to serve a different...

How to Avoid Engine Buildup and Sludge With a Synthetic Oil Change in Hayward

We previously mentioned how important it is to make sure your engine is well protected against factors such as heat and friction. Yet, there are also other elements that can get in the way of how well the motor oil is...

The Reasons Behind Summer Fuel Prices and How Synthetic Oil Can Help You Save

Fuel prices seem to increase every summer and this is not just a casualty. Although no one likes to pay more for gasoline there is actually a very interesting reason behind the summer price increments on fuel. Today, we...

How Synthetic Oil Can Help Prevent the Negative Effects of Heat in Your Engine

The beginning of the summer is the perfect time to get a synthetic oil change and prevent engine problems. Just changing the oil may not be enough. You need to make sure that quality synthetic oil is running inside...

The Importance of Choosing the Right Synthetic Oil

Looking at a motor oil label may be confusing, even more so when standing at a lube shop looking at several different brands, types, and grades all lined up waiting for you to select one. Even if you know what oil grade your engine needs, it can...

How to Make Your Vehicle Waste Less and Run Better With Synthetic Oil

Gasoline may be the most constant fluid that our vehicles require but motor oil is the second and along with other products that our vehicles require these products not only help or affect our engine but they also take a toll...

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